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Rally Programme

You may be new to caravanning or a seasoned caravanner who has not yet experienced a Centre rally.  So what is it all about?

In summary a rally is a ‘get together’ of Caravan and Motorhome Club members, usually held on a level field or other venue, somewhere in the Centre’s main operating area.  Rallies give members the opportunity to experience as a group some of the simple pleasures of caravanning.  All of the rallies have their own individual 'character'; some are quiet affairs with no organised activities other than a get together cup of tea or coffee; other rallies have organised socials which may be in a local village hall or on the field in summer; yet others will have activities organised for the whole weekend. Rallying is not just about people.  

It is important to note that ‘enjoyment’ is the key word. If you do not want to attend any of the social events being held on a rally, that is entirely up to you. Simply use the rally field as a base to go off and do your own thing.  

On arriving at the rally, you will be welcomed to the site by the Rally Officer and directed to your pitch. You will be given details of the programme for the rally and a competition or quiz. Usually, on the first evening of a rally, there will be an opportunity to meet other attendees beside the Centre flag, for tea or coffee and a chance to meet friends, old and new.

Our members are of all ages; ranging from families with young children to retired folk - likewise, their outfits range in size from modest caravans to large motor homes. However, we like to feel that we are just one large extended family and a helping hand or friendly advice is never far away.  ‘Man’s best friend’ is always welcome, but when on the rally field must be on a leash and well controlled.  

Increasingly, rallies are held on Caravan and Motorhome Club and commercial sites - often at large discounts from normal rates. The simpler rallies are often exceptional value for money with nominal fees charged. Whichever you choose, we are sure that rallying will add a new dimension to your caravanning.  Modern caravans and motorhomes are equipped to allow their owners to comfortably stay for a weekend on sites without shower/toilet blocks and electricity connections, so why not give it  go? You may even enjoy it!!  Please note that even on the most basic of sites, there will always be a supply of fresh drinking water available and somewhere separate to empty and rinse out cassette toilets.  

Sensible daytime use of a generator is usually permitted to allow van batteries to be topped up, on rally venues where no mains electricity is present.    Please note however that venues where Cumbria Centre holds rallies do not usually have facilities available for charging electric or hybrid vehicles.

Probably, the best place to start rallying is to look through our rally programme and then contact the Centre Webmaster (click here) about the rally you are interested in. He will be able to help you make your booking and give you any further information you may need. We look forward to seeing you on a rally soon!!

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