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Articles for sale

Centre members Ron and Yvonne stables have given up touring and rallying following the sale of their motorhome.  They still have a number of items of equipment they would like to sell.  

If you are interested, please click here to view a list of what is available.  Ron and Yvonne can be contacted through the Centre Rally Secretary

Cumbria Centre 2018 Rally Programme
The website has been updated to include our 2018 rally programme.  

Unfortunately errors can creep in, so if you spot anything odd, please let our webmaster know using the contact form on the enquiries page which can be accessed by clicking here.  Please click here for a preview of events which will take place within the Northern Region during 2018.

Click here to view a note for Cumbria Centre members about the 2018 rally programme handbook

Troutbeck Head (Rally 23)

Sadly the rally officers for Troutbeck Head rally now cannot do this.  There are no plans at present to cancel the rally, but it would minimise the risk of this happening if a Cumbria Centre member could offer his/her services as a replacement officer.  If you feel able to do this, please contact our Rally Secretary Bev, whose email address can be found on the Enquiries page (see tab at top of this page).

Getting involved with the Centre Committee

We still need members to join the Centre Committee to help the Centre function.  We are also looking for a Vice Chairman for the current year, who is prepared to take on the role of Chairman next year. Centre members who are willing to join the Committee can be co-opted onto the Committee at any time, but ‘the sooner the better’.  No experience of committee, or of running rallies is required, just an interest in the Centre and a willingness to make suggestions that may help take the Centre forward. It is not a big commitment, only 6-8 meetings a year and travel expenses are paid.   

Cumbria Centre members who are interested, or would like further information  are requested to contact the Centre Secretary, details in the Centre handbook, or send an enquiry through this website by clicking here to access the contact form on the Enquiries page.  The Centre Rally Secretary can also be contacted by email

2017 Rally Programme - It has been a successful rally year, but with one or two surprises.  Many rallies were overbooked, but for various reasons some had to be cancelled and a small number of others went ahead but were well underbooked. The Centre Rally Secretary would appreciate any feedback on rallies, as well as suggestions for new venues for 2019.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Centre during 2017.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Facebook - Cumbria Centre has a presence on Facebook. If you subscribe to Facebook, search for Caravan Club Cumbria Centre and join our community to get even more up to date news about what is happening within the Centre.